Someday I'll be immortal.

Music for your soul

01. Chiri Hitotsu
02. Via Purifico
03. Himitsu
04. Summer Snow
05. よわむしネズミと月の船
06. Ombre
07. 月を待つある夜のこと

cgh-zdit2429 replied to your post: yes, just yes.

What game is this? Because I need to play it.

it’s RaiderZ, im playing a private server, but as soon as ArcheAge releases OB i’ll be moving there

love stage is so good, though i wish shougo was in love with izumi

Title: 祈り ~モンラム~
Artist: Shikata Akiko
Album: Raka
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About to start in a RaiderZ private server while I wait for the ArcheAge OB release.

If you wanna play RaiderZ wif me


Anonymous asked: lol the *your ask was a meme that was popular on tumblr like 2 years ago, you fell for it by answering the anon, it's supposed to be like ironic or something hahah

wowow this is so embarrassing because I actually care about memes

Anonymous asked: you're life is sort of tragic, it should be a book or something

your* it’s not even tragic though, it’s just plain boring, not good material for a book