Someday I'll be immortal.

Music for your soul

01. Chiri Hitotsu
02. Via Purifico
03. Himitsu
04. Summer Snow
05. よわむしネズミと月の船
06. Ombre
07. 月を待つある夜のこと

ok done with the love spree

Title: Gibusu
Artist: Shiina Ringo
Album: Shouso Strip
383 plays


 I wanna be with you 
Come to me, closer. 

Title: ZETA
Artist: Kohki Akashi, Masahiro Nakamura
Album: The Epic of Zektbach -PIANO COLLECTION-
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"Now there is one ‘me’ who has to obey the rules of nature, and there is another ‘me’ who can transcend all the rules, overlooking the whole world like a bird flying freely."

Title: The Moon ~Utikisama~
Artist: RIKKI
Album: Suteki da ne
165 plays
Title: Nachtflug
Artist: binaria
Album: Nachtflug
157 plays
Title: Saisei
Artist: Salyu
Album: Kaze ni Noru Fune
47 plays
Title: Your Rainbow
Artist: Taku Iwasaki feat. Caoli Cano
Album: Jormungand Perfect Order
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